In-House Laboratory Services

Establishing a diagnosis rapidly and efficiently is critical when dealing with sick pets. For this reason, at Waynedale Animal Clinic we maintain a state of the art veterinary diagnostic laboratory within our practice. What this means for you and your pets is that we have the ability to rapidly complete numerous diagnostic laboratory tests in-house. This allows us to obtain diagnostic and prognostic information much faster than if we were sending our tests to an outside laboratory. The ability to quickly obtain real-time laboratory test results is especially important in the management of critically ill animals, as well as for the evaluation of patients needing to undergo general anesthesia for surgery or other procedures.

Our in-house laboratory includes the following components:

  • Complete blood count (CBC):  evaluation of a pet's red and white blood cells
  • Serum biochemistry panels:  evaluation of numerous enzymes and markers that provide information about internal organ function, hydration status, electrolyte abnormalities, etc.
  • Blood clotting times (PT and aPTT):  evaluation of a pet's blood clotting times is especially important prior to surgery and in critically ill patients
  • Serum thyroid hormone levels:  critical for the diagnosis and management of thyroid disease in dogs and cats
  • Complete urinalysis:  evaluation of a pet's urine for evidence of disease
  • Light microscopy for blood film evaluations, fecal examinations, and cytology
  • Infectious disease diagnostic tests (Heartworm disease, Feline Leukemia/FIV, Canine Parvovirus, Giardia, tick-borne diseases, etc.)
  • Serum cortisol levels:  evaluation of the blood cortisol level, which is especially critical for the diagnosis and management of adrenal disease
  • Serum phenobarbital levels:  allows for accurate monitoring of blood phenobarbital levels in pets taking this medication for seizure control

We utilize the IDEXX Vet-Lab Analyzer system, which is an industry leader in veterinary test accuracy, reliability, and speed. 

In addition to our in-house laboratory services, we also maintain working relationships with several trusted reference laboratories. This allows us to submit samples for more advanced testing, without needing to refer you and your pet to an outside hospital or laboratory. Some of the tests that we commonly send out to specialty laboratories include biopsy samples for histopathology, complete thyroid panels, infectious disease titers, urinary stone evaluations, and microbial cultures. 


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